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Tasting FOUR Homemade Wines and FIVE Beers

It's time for something a little bit different. Over the last couple of years we've tried our hand at making wine - and beer - from various fruits and vegetables that grow on our small farm in Portugal. We've made a selection of country wines from a wide variety of fruit including cherry wine,…


We love a good experiment and this one is certainly going to be interesting! We've made country wines out of all sorts of fruit but can you make vegetable wine out of courgettes? We had a HUGE glut of courgettes this year and ran out of ideas for what to do with them -…

End of Summer Harvest and Pantry Tour

It's been a busy season in the garden with bumper crops of many of our favourite foods. As the summer fruiting crops start to finish we're already sowing and planting food for the winter. Join us for a quick recap of the growing season so far and then a few odd jobs in the veg…

Melon Fizz: DELICIOUS Drink or Massive Mistake?

We've had a bumper crop of melons this year – from massive watermelons to slightly smaller Sapo greens to cantaloupes of a couple of varieties. There's still a few fruit ripening in the garden but we have a whole load that need eating or preserving. Join us in the temporary processing kitchen for an…

Making Summer Cordials

Cordials, concentrates, syrups and squashes - there's many names for these sweet and often fruity additions to good old fashioned tap water. In this video we preserve some of our summer harvests into concentrated sugary treats for quenching our thirst (and brightening up our G&Ts) on hot summer days. We'll show you how to…

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