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A Perfect Day Out

Central Portugal is a stunning place to live or visit and today we're taking a bit of a break from renovation work to do some touristing. The central region of Portugal is home to 27 Aldeias do Xisto or schist villages. These are old villages where the majority of the buildings are made with…

Why Did We Move to the Centre of Portugal?

We get lots of questions about where we live in Portugal. What location? What's the local area like? How many people are there? Where are all the cars? We live in the interior of Portugal - pretty much right in the center (and we'll take you to the actual geographic center in this video).…

Time for a BREAK (in Nazare, Portugal)

Join us in the first episode of our "TRAVEL" series for a short trip to Nazaré, Portugal. We've only booked a couple of nights away but that should be plenty of time to see what this charming seaside town on the coast of Portugal has to offer. We're hoping to find waves, wine, walks…

Cost of Living (Off Grid) in Portugal

How much does it cost to live off grid in Portugal? What are our living costs? What's the cost of living in central Portugal? What do we spend our money on? It's time for another Q&A session where we're talking all about what it costs to live our off-grid life (in a tent) here while…

Why Portugal?

Why did we want to leave the UK and move to Portugal? Why Portugal and not Spain (or Australia or New Zealand)? Why did we want to move abroad at all? When did we start thinking about it? How long did it take to plan and move? We'll answer all these and more in this…

How Did We Get Residency in Portugal?

How are people like us (originally from the UK and Australia) able to move to Portugal and buy property? Do we have to have dual citizenship or do we have to give up being British? How can UK citizens move to Portugal after Brexit and how did we get our residency? We'll address all these…

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