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What Are We Going to DO About THIS?

The stairs up to the front door of our Portuguese farm house have become somewhat of a conversation piece. What are we going to do about the concrete monstrosity? Do we need planning permission? Will we rebuild them? Will we expose the stone? We have some ideas but we don't know exactly the direction…

Clearing Our Overgrown Front Garden – TIMELAPSE

Our front garden is a disaster and soon we need to install a heat pump in this location. So it's time to reach for the digging and gardening tools for a mini makeover project with less talk and more work. For the full vlog episode of this project, check out this video:

TRANSFORMING Our Overgrown Front Garden (for €13)

We're delayed on the underfloor heating project while waiting for parts to be delivered. So we're taking advantage of some nice weather for an outdoor mini project: clearing our front garden in preparation for having a heat pump installed. Over the course of a couple of days the plan is to clear out all…

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