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What does Kylie DO for FUN?

It's time to answer another question and today we're going to find out what Kylie enjoys doing on her days off (even though we don't have too many of those!) Patterns on Ravelry Zebra bag Shawls Cat cushion 1 Cat cushion 2 Mosaic pouf Placemats (in progress)


We love a good experiment and this one is certainly going to be interesting! We've made country wines out of all sorts of fruit but can you make vegetable wine out of courgettes? We had a HUGE glut of courgettes this year and ran out of ideas for what to do with them -…

Melon Fizz: DELICIOUS Drink or Massive Mistake?

We've had a bumper crop of melons this year – from massive watermelons to slightly smaller Sapo greens to cantaloupes of a couple of varieties. There's still a few fruit ripening in the garden but we have a whole load that need eating or preserving. Join us in the temporary processing kitchen for an…

Are We Rich? Let’s Talk INCOME Streams

How are we funding our Portugal renovation project? Are we rich? Do we work? Where does our money come from? Did we receive some kind of inheritance or win the lottery? Let's talk finances and how we are able to afford to do this project and live a simple – yet comfortable – life. …

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