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Off Grid

The Tent is Down, Long Live the Tent!

Today is a big day - the tent that we've called "home" for the last three years is finally coming down. Good riddance, I say! Join us for a momentous moment and a discussion about the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to living off grid in a tent for an extended…

18 Months with OFF GRID Solar – Worth It?

We've been off-grid on solar for a year and a half. Has it worked? Have we had to change our behaviour? Do we use more or less power than we used to? How much do we need to use a backup generator? We'll answer all these questions and discuss some of our future plans…

Cost of Living (Off Grid) in Portugal

How much does it cost to live off grid in Portugal? What are our living costs? What's the cost of living in central Portugal? What do we spend our money on? It's time for another Q&A session where we're talking all about what it costs to live our off-grid life (in a tent) here while…

How (NOT) to Put Up a Tent – Off Grid Living Part 8

Our off grid camp is almost complete. We've built the circular deck and the kitchen (and solar) shed, now we just need somewhere to eat, sleep and shelter. We purchased a large Sibley 600 Twin Bell Tent from Canvascamp (not sponsored) and all we have to do is... erect it. It turns out, putting…

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