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Hügelkultur Experiment – Burying Logs, Leaves and Other Organic Material in our Raised Beds

It’s time to fill our raised beds with a “hügelkulture” inspired mix of logs, twigs, sticks, leafs, mulch, soil and compost. To feed the soil, increase moisture retention – and reduce the amount we need to spend on compost – we’re filling our rustic raised beds with all sorts of organic matter before sowing some seeds and planting some plants.

Time will tell if this approach works – and whether our crops produce an abundant harvest or barely grow at all. We love experiments and there’s lots of them happening in this video. Among other things we try: sowing carrots in a bed full of rotten logs and leaves, planting potatoes using the “wrist method”, transplanting strawberries in three different types of garden bed and more. We’ll even outline all the details of what these full raised beds cost.

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