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Buying Property in Portugal – Part 3: The One That Got Away?

When you come from somewhere where land and property are very expensive it can be easy to get excited – and perhaps a little carried away – when you view property with incredible views and tens of thousands of square meters of fields, forrest, vineyards, fruit trees and olive groves.

We were swept away by a 4 hectare farm in central Portugal with two old buildings to be recovered for the price of just under €100k. The buildings were in a terrible state but the views, vines and woodland walks were stunning.

In this third part of our four part series about buying a farm in Portugal, we’ll take you on a tour of a place that we fell in love with and offered on three times before we had to walk away. Was this a blessing in disguise? Maybe. But it brings up an important conversation about how much land is too much land and how much land do you need for the projects you want to take on.

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