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Undoing and Redoing our Bathroom Plumbing

Some time ago we installed a flushing toilet – a most welcome addition to our renovation project in Portugal (since we'd not had a conventionally working toilet for over two years). But, when we installed that toilet we knew the plumbing was temporary and we'd have to come back to redo it – and plumb…

A Perfect Day Out

Central Portugal is a stunning place to live or visit and today we're taking a bit of a break from renovation work to do some touristing. The central region of Portugal is home to 27 Aldeias do Xisto or schist villages. These are old villages where the majority of the buildings are made with…

Our AMBITIOUS Renovation Plans for 2024

We've been cracking on with some snagging and last minute finishing touches in the ~almost~ most complete kitchen. Some decorating, some filling and protecting the 80 year old exposed wood with hard wax oil. In between ticking off all these renovation tasks off our todo list we'll take you on a short tour of…

Dealing with Burnout

After three years of extensive renovation works, we're no where near done but we *are* completely exhausted. After taking some time off over the holiday season we realised we weren't just tired or tired of the project but burnt out and in need of more rest and a change of pace for the future. …

We’ve MOVED IN! (to One Room)

In a mad dash to end 2023 on a high note, we've finished the kitchen floor and tackled a couple of other last minute projects so we can move in to one room of our house just in time for a small celebration at the end of the year.

Experimenting with Hot Lime Wash – Mixed Results

Our renovation project in Portugal continues and it's time for another experiment. We've limewashed some of our lime plastered walls in other rooms and have had lots of suggestions to try "hot mixed" lime wash. In this video we give it a go with some success, some failures and some mixed feelings. Stay tuned…

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