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Building a Bathroom Vanity and Table Top from SCRAP Wood

It’s time for another scrap wood project – this time a cabinet or vanity for our downstairs bathroom. Many months ago we installed a flushing toilet and did all the first fix plumbing for our downstairs loo. But there’s always been something missing: a sink! But we don’t have anything to put the sink on, so we’ll have to build that first.

Follow along as we attempt to build another piece of scrap “furniture” using old floorboards we ripped out from upstairs and some leftover roofing batten. We were feeling confident after our recent kitchen island build but this project turned out to be quite ambitious with a number of challenges that cropped up along the way.

Join us for a handful of design improvements, glue-ups and the usual shenanigans, innuendos and bad jokes – and, most importantly to see what the final piece ends up looking like.

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