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Our Story

Loving the sun after a walk in the hills on our first Christmas Day in Portugal

From the hustle and bustle of city life to the peace and tranquility of rural Portugal

In 2020 we packed up our life in London and moved to the interior of Portugal to spend more time enjoying life and less time working behind a desk. We bought an abandoned property and have been slowly – but surely – restoring the house and land back to it’s former glory.

This is not our first renovation project. We’ve previously completed three others in the UK. But this one is the biggest to date by far!

On past projects we’d lived on site in dusty rooms while they were being worked on. We knew that this time round, we wanted to take a different approach.

Operation Move on to The Land

In the first few months of 2021 we set up base camp on our land. This gave us the chance to live rent and mortgage free while working on the house meaning we could take as long as we needed to do the job properly.

We built a large 65m2 deck, built a shed for cooking in (and housing all our solar electricity gear) and installed an open-air shower and basic washing up station.

Two years later we’re still living in the tent but we sleep in a small room in the house (to escape the sound of barking dogs in the night!). We’re still cooking in the shed, still showering outside and still don’t have a flushing toilet.

But we couldn’t be happier!


Living the Dream

Our new life allows us time to spend time working on the things we enjoy – spending time outside working with our hands, rather than being stuck inside, chained to a desk. We enjoy making, doing, growing all sorts of things. But in particular we love trying new things and sharing what we’ve learned – and hope to inspire others to do the same. If you’re thinking about starting something new – or building a new life somewhere – we say: DO it! And don’t put off until tomorrow what you can start doing (or at least researching) today. You can continue to follow our adventures on YouTubeInstagram and Facebook. And if you’re ready to start making, doing or growing more yourself, we hope you’ll join us inside the MAKE. DO. GROW. CLUB.

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